Emirates Learn about Glaucoma | World Glaucoma Week


Glaucoma is the first irreversible leading cause of blindness worldwide, not because of lack of effective methods for diagnosis and treatment, but due to insufficient information of the public and low awareness of the implications of the disease. The latter is asymptomatic in its early stages, while the patient’s vision suffers irreversible and cumulative damage. Visual disturbances are noted by the patient at late stages on the way to blindness, whereas timely diagnosis and therapy could have prevented this degradation.  
The Emirates Medical Association – Ophthalmic Society in collaboration with the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi and Ministry of Education, aims to generate public cognizance by organizing the “Emirates Learn about  Glaucoma” in parallel with the “World Glaucoma Week” which will be held from 12 – 18 of March 2017 across the United Arab Emirates as an initiative for the Year of Giving 2017. The main highlight of the seven day event will be the Marathon at the Yas Island Marina Circuit on 12 March 2017 from 6 till 10 pm. The fun run event will also be followed by a series of awareness lectures to be held in various academes where education materials  will be delivered by volunteer Opthalmologists from HAAD, DHA, MOH, Police Department and Armed Forces. Hence, the Emirates Medical Association – Ophthalmic Society is inviting everyone to partake in the campaign against Glaucoma as the main reason for vision impairment. 
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